4 September 2022

Published – again!

I’m pleased to say I’ve had a second short story accepted for publication. It probably won’t appear until next year, but you can be sure I’ll let you know when It comes out. In addition, I’m working on a story for a potential third anthology and have a novel being considered by a publisher, so watch this space. On top of that, I have several other writing projects under way.

I don’t want to say too much at this stage, but I am well on the way to finishing a sequel to the novel now being considered, with a couple of novels in first draft stage. The reason I have so much isn’t that I’m one of those who can knock off two or three novels a year, but that having had the first story accepted for publication, I’ve been encouraged enough to go back to stuff written years ago and dropped because I had no way to publish it.

As far as I can see, if I want to take the writing further, I have several options – not necessarily exclusive

  • Focus on the genre material for the current publisher
  • Find another publisher for work not in that genre
  • Self-publish (not keen…)
  • Find an agent

I’m going to investigate the last one in more depth, and I have a couple of ideas for other publishers. I would love to hear from you about your experience, with any of these. If you have suggestions for other options, I would like to hear them, too.

Just in case you forgot, here’s a link to the first anthology.

By the way, the featured image is one of my digital prints, showing sunset over Croagh Patrick in Co Mayo. Adding it to this post made me realise it wasn’t in my shop. I’ve now added it. Click on the image to go there.

Sunset over Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo
Sunset over Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo

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