11 November 2022

Apocalypse How?

I’m pleased to say that my short story, The Fire This Time, has been published in a new anthology from Seal Lion Press called Apocalypse How edited by Jared Kavanagh. As you might expect from a collection of stories about the end of the world, it’s not a totally fun read. Some still manage to find humour, though. One of my favourites in that vein is Utterly Without Redeeming Social Value by Alexander Wallace, which sees the world buried under the bureaucracy of censorship.

Available in e-book format from Amazon here.

This is my second published story. The first was in an anthology, The Emerald Isles here. With luck, my SF/Alternate History novel will be published next year. Come back soon, to get some extracts.

I realise, as I write, that I probably have enough short stories of my own to create an anthology. As it happens, one of these, Green Earth, is another end of the world story. The stories in the Dunkirk Fails series are pretty apocalyptic too. There are others I have still to post here.

Would you be interested in a Kindle e-book format book of my short stories? Watch this space.

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